Personal Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your personal or professional life? Do you want to write a new story, overcome obstacles, and create a clear path toward your goals? Would you like to develop communication skills that win the trust of others? You’ve come to the right place. 

A Road Map for Change

Varis can help you change the narrative with  individual life coaching services as well as relationship coaching for couples. People come to us for all kinds of reasons, from frustration over a lack of life momentum or career movement to a pattern of conflict and adversity that seems intractable. We will help you get unstuck, craft a road map for change, and start a life journey worth celebrating. Coaching is offered in packages of 4 weekly sessions following the consult session. 

Of course, sometimes moving forward requires first looking inward for understanding and insight. When a client’s needs would be better met with mental health therapy rather than coaching, Nate can provide this service as well. For regulatory reasons Nate’s therapy services are not legally affiliated with Varis, but with a private counseling practice in the Kansas City metro area that serves as our partner. 

Coaching vs Therapy

You might wonder what the difference is between coaching and therapy. One difference is that coaches come from many different backgrounds and can coach with or without a formal credential, whereas state laws require counselors to be licensed. Outside of that, most of the difference comes down to focus and approach. Coaching is centered on defining goals and reaching them, without necessarily seeking a deeper understanding of the client’s backstory or interior life. Therapy involves goals as well, but usually places a high priority on understanding how the presenting issue developed and what is happening internally for the client. At Varis, we use the word picture of sunwork and moonwork in our podcast to help clarify these two approaches. Both coaching and therapy can make a difference! It’s just a question of which is right for you.

Our free 15-minute consult session can help us determine whether coaching or therapy is best for you.

We can’t wait to work with you! Book your time with Nate here.